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"the Rose of Jericho"
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Linard Bardill / Rodolphe Schacher

or: "The Search for the Fifth Element"
Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich,
conducted by Jochen Rieder

Linard Bardill will be performing his wonderful Fairy Tale - The Rose of Jericho for the first time - in ENGLISH. This is the award winning story about a young prince sent out into the world by his father the king to find the strongest force possible. Linard Bardill tells the story of a thrilling emotional encounter with the 4 elements of fire, water, air and earth. The Rose of Jericho is definitely a welcome opportunity to bring children closer to intruments, as well as allow them to feel the power of music.

People have always been fascinated by the four elements. Children learn about the world through the elements and adults try to comprehend the connections between them. During his search for the strongest thing in the world, the King's son discovers his own capacity to suffer, to hope and to doubt and comes to a deeper understanding of himself. Human beings are made out of the four elements, in which they are connected, mixed and transcended. In each person, we also find the fifth element, the Quinta Essentia, or consciousness. Plato called it the Ether, but it can also be called the Spirit or the Self. The strongest thing in the world is therefore the connection to an aspect of onesself which is not of this world, which has no form and which can be seen as a source of all the elements.

Music perhaps comes closest to capturing the mysterious nature of the elements in that it is also so hard to grasp. Children have better access to the world of the intangible since they understand so many things intuitively and not only through their sense of reason.

Linard Bardill

I Go Out on the Water
The Wind Sings My Song

I am Fire

Mother Earth


I am Fire

I am Fire.
I am Fire.
I am Fire, Fire, I am
Down the mountain bowling
wheels of fire come rolling
full of summer hay.
Burning, burning, burning.
Everything's ablaze.

In the nighttime trances.
In the mountain dances.
Fire dance, here I go.
Burning, burning, burning.
Everything's aglow.

And the sun up there
and the blaze down here
and the flame inside
burning, burning, burning,
burning far and wide.

The Rose of Jericho
or: "The Search for the Fifth Element"
Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, Jochen Rieder, Conductor
1. Ouverture
2. In the Castle
3. The Father Speaks
4. In the Forge
5. I am Fire (Song)
6. The Battle
7. Storm at Sea
8. Dance of the Water Spirits
9. I Go Out on the Water (Song)
10. The Wind
11. The Wind Sings My Song (Song)
12. The Way Back to the Earth
13. Mother Earth (Song)
14. The Wonder of the Rose of Jericho
15. The Ride Back Home 16. Return to the Castle & Finale